Registration & logistics

Register to the General Assemby of CONCORD 2017

Register to the General Assembly by filling in this form below. Two delegates from each CONCORD member are welcome. However, as a general rule CONCORD offers to cover the travel and accommodation costs for maximum ONE delegate per member organization and only if the member cannot cover these costs. The request for reimbursement is done when registering by ticking the box "ask for reimbursement'. A new field will appear where you should fill in information on your trip. Please specify in the costs description the detailed costs for 1) international travel 2) accommodation and 3) local travel.  Once you have done the request the secretariat staff will be noticed and answer your request. If there are any remaining questions regarding your request you will be asked to clarify. All this correspondence happens through the event and reimbursement system which sends you a notification when there is a new comment.

We remind you to please book your own hotel and travels. If you are covering your own travel expenses you are still welcome to book a room in the recommended hotel ( see the information here to the right). If you ask for reimbursement, wait until you have received an email saying that your reimbursement request has been approved. Please note that reimbursement will only be paid if the reimbursement form and all necessary supporting documents are received within 6 weeks after the date of the activity. Please note that the normal CONCORD travel and reimbursement rules do not apply to the General Assembly. Please refer instead to the General Assembly travel and reimbursement rules.

We encourage all participants to register and to request eventual reimbursement as soon as possible.

Workshop for national platforms on 2 June

Workshop for national platforms on 2 June

The International Forum of national NGO platforms (IFP) is organising together with CONCORD a peer-exchange workshop for and with national NGO platforms on “National platforms’ governance and leadership in challenging times”. This workshop will take place in Brussels on 2 June, after the CONCORD General Assembly. All National Platforms, even those who are not members of IFP, are invited to join. More information will come soon. If you have questions in the meantime please contact Joyce Soares.

If you need reimbursement for the hotel night between 1 and 2 June, please refer to the following instructions. The IFP will cover the accommodation for the night of 1 June and will make the payment directly to Hotel des Colonies and Hotel Siru. Participants need to make the reservation themselves at Hotel des Colonies or Hotel Siru for the whole duration of their stay (informing the hotel that the night of 1 June  will be covered directly by the IFP) and once this has been confirmed,  to contact the IFP ( and ) and inform them about the name of the hotel (Hotel des Colonies or Hotel Siru). The IFP will then contact the hotel for the payment arrangements.

Venue information

The venue of the General Assembly - L'Atelier des Tanneurs - is located Rue des Tanneurs 60A. Reaching the venue is easiest done by bus 27 or 48 to Jeu de Balle.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.


This year we have a deal with two Hotels 12 minutes by metro from the GA venue “Atelier des Tanneurs”. The Hotel Siru and the Hotel des Colonies are situated at Rue des Croisades  - 1000 Brussels. We have managed to get a single room for 90€ per night in Hotel Siru and 100€ per night in Hotel des Colonies. The pre-booking is open until 9 May. In order to get a room please use the code "AG 2017" to book a room directly via the website of Hotel Siru or the website of Hotel des Colonies. You can also contact them by phone (+32 2 643 93 78) or email ( or and mention you are part of the CONCORD group. If you need reimbursement for the hotel costs you need to request it in advance when you are registering through our event and reimbursement system here to the left.

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