The Mid Term Review process aims to assess the first half of CONCORD’s strategy period. Part of this review will look at the degree of success in implementing the strategy and the relevance of the change objectives, while a second part will focus on whether the structures which were created to implement the strategy are optimal and effective. Based on the lessons learned and a scanning of the external environment, suggestions will be made for improved Change Objectives for the second half of the strategy period, and for the adaptation (if necessary) of CONCORD’s structures and ways of working from 2020 onward in order to deliver on our mission in the current climate and given the (EU) institutional priorities.

How you can participate in this process?

  1. Answering these 30 questions before the 29th March. You can do it individually or together with your peers in your organization or your hub. It will take you 30 minutes of your time. We acknowledge that this is a significant amount of time, but also emphasize the importance of your participation in this process.

  2. We will contact some of you to have more in depth conversations (more information in this post).

  3. You can always share your ideas, suggestions and comments on the Mid-Term Review in this dedicated forum on CONCORDNet

  4. Once we have a first overview we will share the results of the assessment with you and some suggestions looking forward that we will going to discuss together with you (members delegates and CONCORD structures representatives) during our General Assembly, so save the date: 12 & 13 June in Brussels!

What is going on?

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March 18, 2019

Mid-Term Review Interviews

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Members' exchange space on Mid-Term Review

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