Welcome to the CONCORDnet!

What is CONCORDnet?
CONCORDnet is a virtual collaborative space aiming to facilitate the coordination of CONCORD activities. Its main purpose is to provide and share information in a transparent and accessible way.

Why do we use it?
We use CONCORDnet primarily as a knowledge management tool. You can find all information you need in a simple and fast way - be it information about the hubs or final documents. As a member with password you have access to all documents. Furthermore CONCORDnet provides an overview over all events happening in CONCORD and its structures.

How do we use it?
Using CONCORDnet is quite easy. Get familiar with all features provided while reading the following:


CONCORD provides you a password to enter CONCORDnet (there is only one password for all members!). To make your life easier save the password. As it is a general user name please DON’T CHANGE the password. If you try to do so you will block the access for all the other members.
If you are a member and don't have a password yet please contact your focal point.

documents.pngCONCORDnet reflects CONCORD structure. Follow the CONCORD structure to find the relevant document. All final documents of every structure in CONCORD will be posted in the relevant structure library.

If you want to create a blog article in an announcements table or you want create folders or upload files, please follow correspondent instructions in the hyperlinks.


You will sometimes receive emails announcing new documents form CONCORDnet (@ca.igloosoftware.com) this are general messages of the structure you are part of. 

To ensure that you receive these messages, please make sure that you never block the sender domain "@ca.igloosoftware.com". Best is to your safe this sender in your inbox list. Doing so, the messages will not end up in your junkmail. To work properly, we just sent this same message through CONCORDnet, so please go to the junk e-mail and proceed to never block the sender.

Keep in mind: It is not possible to answer this mails. In case you have questions or need further information please write directly to the person in the secretariat who sent you the message.

library.pngAs mentioned above: to access CONCORDnet library and Hub structures you need to login. Every member has the same login-data.

calendar.pngYou have access to CONCORDnet Calendar showing all CONCORD events HERE. You can also see an overview of each structure event.

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