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How do the best 구글 SEO agencies convert visitors into customers?

Customer testimonials

Since the dawn of time, clients have relied on testimonials to increase their confidence. The trend is unchanged, but there is a difference in the medium.

Previously, the majority of testimonials were in the form of written text; however, text-based testimonials are now frequently regarded as fraudulent.

A video testimonial is the only way to get out of this dilemma. This will boost your trustworthiness and provide your visitors with a sense of security. To obtain an advantage, have an influential company CEO speak for your service.


How do the best 구글 SEO agencies convert visitors into customers?

If you can’t convert visitors into customers, then your whole strategy of lead generation is useless. To reach out to potential clients with your sales pitch after you’ve implemented numerous strategies to attract them. Customers can be contacted in a variety of ways. Here are a few that have been tried and true.


On the phone

Face-to-face engagement is the most effective technique to connect with potential clients. However, in many cases, this is not a viable option. As a result, the second-best option is to contact them via phone calls. When you call a client, you don’t have to start the conversation with a standard sales pitch. Instead of pulling out the package and pricing catalog, provide the client with helpful information.

Inform them of their present SEO situation as well as a few things they are doing well. Making a mistake will make a bad impression on the client, and you don’t want to make a bad first impression.


Here are a few key points to remember when speaking with your clients:

  • Begin by asking them questions about their company, market, and the audience they want to reach.
  • Before launching your pitch, you must first understand the company and the client’s needs. This is one method of learning what they lack, their target market, the packages they require, and, most significantly, their competition.


The best questions to ask are:


Could you tell me a bit about your company?

The answers to this question will tell you everything you need to know about the client’s focus. It will also provide more deep insight into the difficulties they experience and the terms they employ in their specialized search market, which will be helpful during keyword research.

구글 SEO 에이전시 – 호수미디어

Have you taken the service of any other SEO companies?

This is a crucial question in which the client expresses their expectations. You can test their SEO expertise here, which will be important in any future communications. You may also check to see if their past SEO support used spammy tactics.


What is your conversion rate right now?

It is essential to ask if your client is interested in selling things online or signing up for services. This will give you information about their expectations as well as how to scale their ROI.


What keywords are you trying to target?

If your customer is familiar with SEO, they may have already discovered the terms for which their competitors are ranking. This is quite useful because you may make a list of keywords before looking into other tools.


Different types of digital marketing

Digital marketing includes more than a dozen channels, each with its own set of strategies and tools to help you achieve your business objectives. Here are some of the most common and most effective types of digital marketing to help you understand these channels and how they might benefit your business.


Marketing with content

The creation and promotion of all sorts of content, whether written, audio, or visual, is referred to as content marketing. Blog entries, case studies, videos, podcasts, and other content marketing assets are examples. Customers are attracted to and guided through the sales funnel by an effective content marketing campaign.


What are the advantages of content marketing for your company?

You can earn people’s trust. You acquire credibility when you create helpful content that solves customers’ concerns. You may build trust over time, which can lead to sales. It is possible to raise brand awareness. The high-quality content you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to market your business and improve your search engine ranking.


Marketing via email

Customers are contacted directly in their email inboxes through this method. Everything from sale notifications to monthly newsletters to remarketing communications can be included in an email marketing strategy. Email marketing specialists may utilize other tools or tactics in addition to email service providers (ESPs) like MailChimp or ConvertKit to help small companies implement these strategies more efficiently. Writing appealing headlines and high-converting language that motivates consumers to take the next step is the key to email marketing success. The more relevant emails are to what potential consumers require, the better they will work to strengthen your relationship with them, ensuring that they remember you when they are ready to buy.


What are the advantages of email marketing for your company?

You can expect a significant return on your investment. The average return investment for email marketing is 3800 %. For every $1 spent on advertising, email can yield $38 in income. You can keep your expenses minimal. You don’t have to pay for ads every time you want to engage with customers because email marketing allows you to go right into their inboxes. SEO 마케팅


Email marketing insider tips

Be aware that email marketing follows a set of rules. Users must be able to opt-in to ensure that you know they want your emails before sending them; otherwise, they will view you as a spammer. Avoid email spam trigger words or anything that appears unduly promotional when creating email headlines. These factors have an impact on email delivery. People may not see them at the right moment or at all if they land up in the spam box or, in the case of Gmail, the “promotions” page. Make sure your email marketing is relevant to the people you’re trying to sell it to. It will boost your account’s open rates as well as its reputation.



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