CONCORD Learning and Exchange Forum 2018


Looking in the mirror: Cultural shift towards resilience

The Learning & Exchange Forum took place in Prague between 26th and 28th November 2018.

You can read the blogpost here and view the facebook album of photos here

What is the Learning & Exchange Forum?

The Learning & Exchange Forum is a moment for CONCORD members to come together outside the policy-focused hub meetings, to exchange and learn from one another about how to tackle internal challenges to shine externally.

In this third edition we explored possibilities of a Cultural Shift in our sector. In the current environment where CSOs are challenged, questioned and losing support from governments and citizens, we explored how and to what extent we need to change our culture and sharpen our values to remain relevant and true to ourselves.

Where can I find more information?

Notes are being reviewed and photos are being selected in order to share a storybook in the coming weeks.

Resources from the event, including the presentations on Accountability from David Bonbright of Keystone Accountability and Gender and Diversity from CONCORD Vice President Celine Mias can be consulted in the background documents folder.

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