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EU presidencies 2019- 2020


The EU Presidency rotates among the member states of the EU every 6 months and the current order has been in place since July 2016. In order to ensure the long term priorities of the EU, three successive EU presidency member states work together as a group to develop a common political programme.

Romania: January-June 2019
Finland: July-December 2019
Croatia: January-June 2020

Germany: July-December 2020
Portugal: January-June 2021
Slovenia: July-December 2021

What might happen in the coming years till 2020

Interested to know about the key processes ahead of 2020?

Here are two presentations on Agenda 2030 and Post-Cotonou negotiation


Watch this short video on the presidency for more information
The EU is full of acronyms and abbreviations. Find them explained here!

An explanation of the EU's most commonly used jargon

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